All About Us

An elevated deli concept offering colossal "sammiches", salads and homemade soups. Founded by chef and owner Aliah Jefferson, the concept birthed during the pandemic, began with her delivering all over Atlanta and continued gaining popularity on social media with the hashtag #bigbreadbigmeat. Thus, Zaddy's was born... a play on the slang term describing a good-looking stylish guy, often self-confident, affluent and stable. A playful brand featuring craveable flavors, Zaddy's is located in Politan Row at the newly redesigned Colony Square and will be Midtown's go-to spot for elevated sandwiches. Offering a range of classic selections with a twist, including locally sourced PMC Smoked Turkey, Cajun Lemon Pepper Tuna and the Grilled Balsamic Veggie Zaddy.